Lot 27: Gowers Seymour Codd Marble Bottle

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Trade / Regis - tered / (Unofficial Australian Coat of Arms) / Mark / H. Gowers / Seymour / Lemonade / M. G. B. Co. Smooth base. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd All Way Pour. Spun finished top. Smoky yellow. 10 oz. 228 mm. 1910s

Very Good. 8 x 6 mm nibbled flake and bruise to inner lip. Crude curved inner lip folds are from making. Bubble to upper body has partly fractured and is a tad milky. Some light inner haze in places. Little surface flake to lower body. A few fisheyes and little impact marks. Some light scuffs and scratches. Heavy embossing, just a little high point wear in places and the odd nick, but mostly really good. A variation with the word lemonade, but also the colour, this is all about the colour! A smoky selenium colour that at times has a peachy appearance! I have seen other bottles in this colour, which is natural, and they sometimes turn darker with sunlight over time. Rather than manganese which turns glass purple, selenium was used to result in this colour. I haven't seen another Gowers in this colour. Grade: 7.3 Estimate: $200 - 250
Gowers Seymour Codd Marble Bottle
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